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The Kaldahar Chronicles: Session 1, Part 1

So this is an old game that I played last year and loved.  I wrote up every session in a fair bit of detail, and I thought it would make a good addition to things to stick up a section every so often.  Please note: I wrote all of this from the perspective of my character, if I remember rightly, so events are often... slightly biased.
Session 1:

Eladrin Wizard=Leon (Me)
Dwarven Cleric=Dalziom
Tiefling Rogue=Ika
Human Warlock=Seraphim = Local criminal
Dwarven Warlord=Gotrek=Absent=Failure=No XP 4 U
DM=Sir=Stays up too late playing Assassin's Creed

Part 1: THE CITY

Our heroes met in a tavern in the capital city, beneath the Crystal Palace that floats above the city with a spell I want to either learn or dispel, I haven't decided.  We'd adventured together some years back and had decided to renew old acquaintances and have a bit of fun.  We overheard talk of a convoy that had been raided in Kaldahar, and decided that this was just the hook we adventurers needed to get ourselves a job.  So we asked around and were directed to Pep, servant to a High Mage Lord Man.

At the same time, a crafty wizard planted an Explosive Runes on me.  He was an old 'friend' of mine called Desuto (pronounced Deceit-o).  When asked about admissions to study with the wizards of the city, he directed me to a High Lady of the college.  When I got there, I found it deserted, and quickly found out that the Lady had died.  I was thrown into a sewer for asking.  Wandered around and tracked down Desuto, who was in the library, who gave me the Explosive Runes spell, not without casting it on me again first.  Very.  Annoying.  Man.

Dalziom decided to train at the local Temple of Kord.  In the meantime, our rogue and our maniacal, criminal warlock went off to find Pep.  They found the house eventually, and were told he wouldn't be back for a few hours.  Instead of waiting, they walked in and looked around, found nothing, and then waited.  Seraphim, using his criminal connections, waltzed into the thieves’ area in the meantime and bullied his way into getting some information on a rogue hired out after the convoy by the High Lord and a pair of oranges.  When Pep returned home, he decided to, as an icebreaker, try and persuade Pep that the orange was a special delivery for his lord master and that it was really a secret special magic enhancing drug. 

That failed, and Ika was left to try and get the job for us.  She went to meet the Lord, who somewhat dismissively sent us on a long trail of mercenaries after a chest and a leather case for the flimsy reward of 10k gp.

Dalziom had managed to gather intelligence about the nature of those both on the convoy and those who'd gone after it.  We all reconvened in the tavern for a meal and to discuss what to do.  Then the trouble started.

My wallet was stolen, and I saw a halfling running off with it.  Seraphim grabbed him and a band of warriors jumped to their feet, claiming he was with them and they'd defend him to the death.  So a fight broke out in an (apparently) extremely crowded tavern.  5 big burly warriors charged Seraphim and Dalziom immediately, and hacked into them.  I decided to end things quickly, and spent my action point to knock them on their feet and to blast them across the room with a thunderclap.  Unfortunately, area effect spells, no matter how well targeted, always hit civilians.  Everyone was deafened and a lot of patrons were on their backs.

Now, there was still a pair of crossbowmen and a mage in the far corner, but they couldnt' be bothered to join in the fight, though the crossbowmen did manage to get a shot off each.  Ika decided the fight didn't look like fun, so she walked out, making an excellent, and out-of-the-box start to her D&D career.  The cleric and warlock made a quite valiant stand, and Dalziom especially was smacking people with moderate success with his hammer.  I tried to freeze a pair of the warriors in place, but missed with both, and with the damage I did, managed to freeze two civilians and propel their icy corpses through the back wall, upon which they shattered at Ika's feet.  Good times.

I ran.

Dalziom, obviously deciding that now was the time to take things seriously, started laying about him with lightning strikes, making the situation decidedly deadlier.  Ika decided that with the convenient hole in the back wall, she would nip back in and KO in the mage in one hit, which she did with complete success.  Upon realizing that I, an eladrin mage, had just killed two civilians, and that Ika had just killed an eladrin mage, and that there was a troop of guards coming, I decided to blame everything on the dead guy.  Dalziom finished off the head warrior and they all surrendered, taking their dead with them, and giving us the mage's purse in recompense.  It had nearly 4 times the amount of gold in it that I had lost, so that worked out well.

The guard, for some reason, bought our story, and sent people out after them.  I probably want to keep a low profile if and when we return there, though. Seraphim smuggled me out of the city, and we rode off to Kaldahar in search of the convoy.  Ika had to stay behind to take care of some things, so it was just the 3 of us.

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