Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Kaldahar Chronicles: Session 1, Part 2

Two days of hard riding found us ambushed in the night by camouflaged bandits, and everyone took some serious damage from crossbows before finally crushing them and interrogating one of them.  We took some of the sand-covered blankets they were using as camouflage capes and carried on by foot, as the horses had bolted.  Then we arrived at Kaldahar.

We met the captain of the guard there, who thought we would be dead soon and were of little consequence, but sent us in the right direction for the last known sighting of the convoy, several weeks back.  Seraphim, keeping a low profile due to his criminal connections, managed to find a corrupt quartermaster who would prove useful later when we had more gold, but as it stood he had little of value.  We spent two days resting, where on the second day we staked out a tavern for some information, and found a fair bit out about the details of the convoy complement.  Then we left, heading out on the East Road to find the convoy.

By Gallows Wall, a wall with a hundred bodies of bandit victims hanged in a row, we found the convoy, with a peculiar sunburst symbol on that we couldn't recognize.  It was burnt to pieces though, apart from a diary that told us nothing.  I suspect it belonged to the head of the convoy.... I should have given it back to him, thinking about it now.  We slept in the cover of the convoy.

Seraphim decided to summon a Hand of Fate to help us decide our path (oh, this is all 4th ed D&D if I hadn't mentioned), which quickly pointed us to the correct fork in the road.  That was helpful.  We found a long stretch of road covered in a caltrop trap, with sand covering thousands of caltrops.  We walked along beside it, avoiding the problem.  I still think that will come into it eventually.

We slept the next night in a cave where I kept watch.  A few kobolds threw rocks at me until I spotted them, then left a note apologizing (which, being suspicious of explosive runes, I spent about 5 minutes decided whether or not to read).  They also left a small magical rock with a glyph on the bottom that said "See me."  I studied it for a while, and found very little interesting about it, except that for the rest of the day, I saw shadows on the edge of my vision that freaked me out.  Again, that will likely be important next session.

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