Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bonus 30 Days of Gaming Challenge: Day 32 – Least Favourite Gaming Term

‘Noob-tubing’ – referring to the practice in games such as Call of Duty, where the player uses grenade launchers and rockets to fight instead of bullets or knives, usually due to a lack of skill, especially accuracy.

I’m sorry, but I find this to be a totally acceptable practice.  True, I am biased in this, but oh well.  When you are trying to hit a moving target, tiny bullets seem like a much less effective way to stop them in comparison to a rocket or a grenade.  It’s just logic!  Explosion or small metal pellet?  Easy decision!  They don’t require much finesse, and they can be wielded by a player with very little skill, but they’re effective.

In Call of Duty, I’m not opposed to using machine guns and the like, though admittedly I do not have the skills to use a sniper rifle with any efficiency.  However, I cannot deny that especially on a map where people are popping out around corners at me all the time, I feel that a few well thrown grenades could clear the problem right up.

Really, it should be called ‘pro-tubing’, don’t you think?

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