Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Kaldahar Chronicles: Session 3

Dalziom – Dwarven Cleric
Kuraileon – Elven Cleri... I mean, Eladrin Wizard

Note: This was probably the shortest session, and the summary of it is similarly abridged.

Having ended the last session by pulling down a gold statue to reveal a long tunnel with a foul stench emanating from it, we began in exactly the same place.  The stench was gone, mysteriously, as if the person creating the tunnel had forgotten to mention it.

We entered the tunnel with trepidation, as it was covered in glittering stone that pulsed mysteriously.  Studying the magic surrounding it, I could deduce little more than that there was a lot of magic going on.

We encountered a glowing blue forcefield some distance down the way.  Whatever went into it got thrown backwards very quickly.  After scratching our heads and attempting to dispel it, I tried walking backwards through it.  That worked fine.  On we walked.

Another forcefield blocked our way; this one was a purple spider web.  All of these traps were of arcane magic, and so Dalziom couldn’t see them, but he waited while I tried to puzzle them out.  It was definitely sticky, and could be destroyed with magic, but it reformed very quickly.  Blasting it apart and jumping through was the simple answer.

Next, came a yellow field, with a V shape in it.  Anything that went into that was forced by a gravity well down to the ground and became very heavy.  We just crawled through.  However, right next to that was a red demonic symbol.  There was nothing to do to get round it, and I had already used up my ability to dispel.  I stepped through and everything went dark.  A trio of fast moving Evistras (red humanoid demons) slammed into us and we had to fight them off.  It didn’t take long, but we beat them off and proceeded to the end of the tunnel where we found a gargantuan cavern.

At the far side of this cavern stood the great lost city of Donagasplod.  It was reputed to contain buckets of impressive items, and we decided to go back and get everyone else before venturing in.  So we went back.

We realized that the last survivor of the bandit camp battle had been left in the dragon cave and returned to find him in pieces around the place.  Somewhat distraught, I looked for something else to do and pulled out the strange ring I had found before.  Determining it to be a ring that would take me to a fancy item, I put it on and it promptly commanded me to exit the cave through the blocked front door.  It would not listen when I explained that I could not, and kept up its nagging of telling me I was going the wrong way for the next several weeks.

Ignoring it, we dropped down a ravine in the cave to a river where the dragon could drink.  Climbing aboard my magical disc, we floated down the river.  Quickly, unfortunately, we encountered rapids, and things got hairy.  We wound up in an oasis on the other side of the continent (thanks to a portal we hadn’t spotted in the river) and joined a caravan heading for the next town. From there we took a ship back to Arasamar and our companions.

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