Monday, August 22, 2011

Webcomic Triple Feature: Guilded Age, Finders Keepers, and Crimson Dark

A trio of webcomics to foist on you all today, all of which are great ways to spend all that time you spend bored.

Guilded Age – Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday

This is a comic that mixes fantasy with science fiction, though the sci-fi is not so obvious.  It is the story of a group of adventurers in a world full of political turmoil and war.  At first it may confuse you, but that it part of its interest: the story is not told linearly. Several storylines in different points in the adventurer’s travels together intermingle constantly.  A few pages might be them on a pirate ship, the next they’re in a dungeon.  It gives the tale a constant air of mystery, as you are always trying to catch up with exactly what is going on.  If nothing else, this webcomic keeps you on your toes.  The science fiction in this epic fantasy is on the rise at the moment, and I cannot wait to see where he takes it.  Storytelling is definitely the strength of this comic.  For the Postmodernists out there.

Finders Keepers – Updates every once in a while

A project stemming from Comedity, another comic, this is the tale of Cardinal and Cailyn, a demi-god and a human bound together by an ill-worded promise and on the run from a mysterious organization of shadows.  Excellently drawn and with strong wit throughout, this is a tale for the mythology fans on the internet.  Mythological creatures exist just beyond our sight (yes, we’ve heard that much many times before), and Cailyn has just been exposed to this world.  More interesting is that concepts also exist.  Cardinal is an aspect of finding, and has the ability to find anything, anywhere.  Cailyn is a fantastic character, as she actually adapts well to this new world full of werewolves and fey, unlike so many other characters in this situation.  Her interactions with these creatures are some of the highlights of the comic.  If you’re into mythology at all, then this is the adventure you have been dying to read.  (Also, check out Happle Tea while you’re at it!)

Crimson Dark – Updates once every week or two
A little different, wouldn't you say?

This comic is produced in computer graphics instead of drawn, so it takes quite a while to produce.  However, it gives it a unique style that looks very impressive.  Crimson Dark is unmistakeably a comic for Firefly fans, as it is quite openly imitating the premise and elements of the show.  Begun as a college project, it is the tale of a crew on a small spaceship trying to make ends meet.  The crew are strangely reminiscent of the Firefly crew in different ways, including Whisper, the incredibly talented young girl with many problems.  While you may be put off by something which is just ‘like Firefly,’ don’t be.  This is a brilliant story with well thought out characters.  The plot is clever and the dialogue equally so.  Graphically, it is nice to see 3D environments rendered so well.  This is not just a Firefly-inspired comic; this is a brilliant tribute to it which can stand firmly on its own.

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