Monday, December 19, 2011

Resurrection: Like Insurrection, Only With Less Violence

My goodness this has been far too long.  I apologise in the gap in posting.  I’ve been rather focused on trying to get a job for the last few months, and I let this slide as a result.  Let’s see if I can’t bring this back online.  Of course, I say this right before I’m off for the holidays, but we’ll take things one post at a time, shall we?

So, I think I’ll start this blog off and running again with a feature of another blog.  The last post I did for the 30 Days of D&D Challenge back in October was on my favourite DM, Rich.  Well, he has a blog too!  It’s dedicated to the creation of his D&D mod called Providence.  Providence is essentially a project aimed to combine the best of 3.5 and 4th edition into one grand system, without the weaknesses of either, though of course it is bound to have weaknesses of its own.  As for its successes, I’ve read everything he’s done so far and it is fantastic work.  The classes are works of art, the feats are fun and varied, and it is finally actually possible to craft magic items!  There’s a tutorial on it and everything!

It’s got to be one of the most thorough jobs I’ve seen since Pathfinder.  It is not just a string of variants and extras he’s thrown together.  This is a concerted, focused and well-structured project which is resulting in a truly comprehensive and solid game.  One of his key focuses has been to give every class two things: something interesting every level, and a highly variable class structure, to allow the widest possible array of characters.  He has completely altered and rebuilt all the major classes, as well as adding in a large number of his own.  The spell list hasn’t been written yet, but it looks to be several times the size of the 3.5 spell list, which terrifies me.  The various documents he has created for each section of this feat of geekery, when compiled into a single document, already reaches over 300 pages.  It’s a beautiful sight.

The blog is at  Check it out.  He is putting up fairly regularly updates of his latest addition to the world of Providence, mostly the classes he has created himself.  I’ve been helping to find the kinks in the classes, and so I’ve looked through all of this pretty thoroughly.  It’s really impressive.  Check out what he’s put up so far, and keep following his progress.  Providence is going to be a great game when finished.

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