Thursday, October 6, 2011

30 DODND Day 19: Favourite Monster (Elemental/Plant)

Remember these guys from Heroes IV?  Water Elementals were more useful, but these guys packed a hell of a punch!
  I’ve always been partial to water as an element, but Earth Elementals have always proven my solid favourite.  Hah, I totally didn’t mean to do that!

The ability of Earth Elementals to walk through stone makes them incredible castle defenders (or attackers!  Why aren’t there more Earth Elemental assassins?), and they present such a tough challenge that they always make a good encounter.  I want to look through the 4th edition Monster Manuals II and III, because they’ve introduced a variety of mixed elementals.  For now though, I prefer Earth Elementals over any of the other.  Fire are just a little too common, and Air are too…. wishy-washy.  Water Elementals are good, but you really need a body of water around to make them a really interesting challenge.  Earth Elementals are almost always in their natural element, and with a pair of Bullettes the party will find themselves attacked from below with terrifying force.

I had a player once who was terrified of things attacking from below… shame Earth Elementals weren’t available then.

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