Wednesday, October 19, 2011

30DODND Day 28: A character you will never play ever again

Now this is hard.  I have really enjoyed every character I’ve played, as far as I can remember.  Johin, Mogo, Alarum, Martel, Kuraileon, Robin, Arken, William, Jonathan…. I’ve really enjoyed all of them.  As I think back though, there was one which was my least favourite.

Just like this guy... only not awesome.

It was back in a time when I tried forum-based RPGs, and played a few games which all failed quite quickly.  I don’t remember this character’s name, but for a very short lived campaign I created a Halfling Psion Pyrokineticist – so a flame wielding psion.  I took a bit of an overused trope though and made him have a split personality.  I’m currently in a party where three of the characters have another voice in their heads, but that’s from two psicrystals and a demon-possession.  So totally legitimate.  This guy had an arsonist inside, who would come out in battle and make him pretty nasty.  The character was flawed, annoying to use, and relied on a few too many tropes.  Not that I’m against references, but this guy was just a fiery little killing machine.  That can be fun, but it’s not really my style.  I don’t think I’d play him again, whatever his name was.

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