Tuesday, October 18, 2011

30DODND Day 27: A character you want to play in the future

            Character generation is one of my favourite past times.  Whenever I’m bored, I make characters, and while rolling stats is fun (my phone has a random game which rolls 2d6 over and over again.  I can’t change the dice at all, but for 4d6 best 3 character stats it is pretty handy) it is the character concepts I am more interested in.  Here are just a few:
-Traveling wizard – more utility than combat.  I’ve played this in various forms, even as a Psion
-A Level 20 fighter tooled for dagger throwing and stealth, a rogue without the stealing as it were.  Works as a lone hero sort of thing.  I once planned out how he could single-handedly destroy an army occupying a city.  Awesome.
-A character with fairly low stat rolls, with their highest stats being Charisma and Wisdom, followed by Intelligence.  They wouldn’t have player levels, instead taking NPC levels in Expert.  Either a scholar or a crafter/tinkerer, they would have to survive in the world using their winning personality (not deceiving everyone like a con-artist, but a largely good character) and just being nice.  Combat would largely be done using Tanglefoot Bags, Alchemist’s Fire, and the like.  It would be really interesting to play a character with NO real abilities at all.

The character I would most like to play though is one that has to be played with the agreement of another player.  Art, the pacifist Warforged, is the character I mentioned on Day 2, who is bound to a wizard and must obey this character in the party.  I was thinking about him today, and I decided on a full backstory for him.  It was a different wizard that created Art, experimenting in whether constructs can learn to believe, instead of just knowing.  So Art is a cleric.  The wizard imbued a few basic rules into Art, the most significant being that he would always obey his master, he would never harm his master, and that he would never kill another living being.  The wizard eventually died, and Art found himself in the control of this other player’s character, presumably another wizard, but not necessarily.  Art is a generally good soul, as it were, and given the choice will work for the forces of good.  However the other player can command him to commit evil acts, as long as they don’t violate his basic rules, such as killing people.  I would love to play a character which has a good combat ability, but cannot kill; has a good heart, but doesn’t have total autonomy; and is also a construct with a belief in a particular deity.  It sounds like such fun.  Hopefully I’ll get to play him sometime.


  1. Art sounds cool, but I like your other concepts too, particularly the 'happy tinkerer'!

  2. yeah, I only thought of the tinkerer the other day, but I quite like the idea. I'd say to make up for the complete lack of abilities they should have a few extra skill points, but reduce the available skills. Knowledge, craft, profession, diplomacy, sense motive, maybe a little hide and move silently, climb, swim. Nothing combat oriented or thief-like. Just commoner skills. Feats will be tricky. You know what? I'm going to write him up now and see how it goes...