Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 DODND Day 2-Favourite Playable Race

           Ok, my immediate choice is Doppleganger, but I’ll be talking about why that is on Day 8, so I’m going to go with my second choice, and one which I have never managed to play as: the Warforged.
            Warforged are mechanical constructs of many different sizes and shapes which have been imbued with magical intelligence, similar to golems.  They don’t heal, instead they repair themselves.  They don’t eat, drink, breathe or sleep, which I feel makes things a lot easier.  They tend to have decent stat boosts and special abilities, and they’re not so monstrous that you are going to be shunned from everywhere like a Bugbear would be.
            But the real reason I like them is the interesting stories you can craft with them.  I really wanted to play a pacifist Warforged – who would hurt but never kill – who was still under the command of a wizard, who was also in the party.  The wizard would want me to protect him, but the pacifist programming would always mean I would stop just short of actually saving him.  He’d have to do the dirty work himself.  Warforged can have fascinating backstories, can have lived for centuries, can be searching for their master having gotten lost, can be trying to break free of some rules embedded into its code... the list is endless.  They are fascinating to play as, and I really want to try.

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