Monday, September 26, 2011

30 DODND Day 11: Favourite Adventure that You Have Run

I’m sorry; I simply cannot answer this one with a D&D campaign.  By far the most entertaining adventure I have ever run was the Pokemon RPG – The Kanto Chronicles.  This has probably been evident due to the number of posts I’ve written about it so far.  It was done with a homebrew system made by a friend of mine, based loosely on Final Fantasy.  I took the party through an adventure taking place 700 years before the events of Blue and Red Version.  It is the only campaign I’ve ever completed, which is really good to have done (we finished about two weeks ago), and had one of the most complex storylines I have ever created.  I’m really quite proud of it.  One of the most impressive elements of the campaign though has to have been the players.  Those guys created a fantastic party, tearing themselves apart through assassination, running two separate groups thoroughly confusing and manipulating every major power to serve their own ends, and ultimately reuniting at the last possible moment to my complete surprise to save the world in a totally shocking and creative manner.  Oh, and then they killed one of them, all together.  It was a delight to run.
            Technically, I guess this is the adventure not the campaign that was my favourite, so I need to be more specific.  My favourite adventure within the campaign, therefore, would have to be the final adventure from The Kanto Chronicles: The Savage Day, where the two parties ran to the Psychic Gym to face the final battle.  It was, as I said, truly surprising in so many ways.  Dramatic, full of twists, and a fitting climax to a year-long campaign.  I loved it.

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