Tuesday, September 20, 2011

30 DODND Day 6: Favourite Deity

Well, speaking purely in terms of fantasy pantheons, this one’s a tie between one deity from Faerun and one from Goblins.

            Faerun has a wide range of deities, from the good to the evil and from the lawful to the chaotic.  My favourite, however, comes from the selection of gods who place themselves firmly in the middle of it all – the true neutral god of travelling, Fharlanghn.  This is the god who doesn’t care where you’re going, or why; he just wants you to enjoy the journey.  Luck, Protection, and Travel are his Cleric domains, and I couldn’t think of a better combination.  One of the first characters I ever created (possibly the first) was a wizard who worshipped Fharlanghn.  He had a few battle spells in his book, but mostly he had practical spells, like Leomund’s Secure Shelter and other arcane rituals that just make travelling more pleasant.  I like to think that Forrest Gump would have had a lot of time for Fharlanghn, and I think more characters should try the less battle-hardy approach to D&D.
             In Goblins, however, there is a deity who is far more... practical to call upon.  Forgath, the dwarven cleric in the comic, worships the great and almighty Herbert, more commonly known as the Dungeon Master.  In a game where every random encounter, loot drop, quest, storyline, and NPC is controlled by a single, all-powerful person, it makes sense to make sure that that individual is kept happy and placated with regular prayer, wouldn’t you say?

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