Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 DODND Day 8: Favourite Character You Have Played

        I’ve been slowly posting up pieces of the story of a campaign I played a year or more ago on this blog.  I think the last post I put up was of my wizard, Kuraileon’s spectacular, sunset-framed death by the hands of the city guard.  The character that I brought in after that, though, was by far my favourite character out of any I have ever played.  His name was Robin Talespinner, and he was a Doppleganger Bard.
       The party was all supposed to have known each other before hand, so the DM and I decided that Robin had been late to the meet-up, and had to do some detective work to figure out where they had gone.  Upon learning the sad fate of his old friend, Kuraileon, and the role his fellow party members had had in it, and also knowing that the rest of the party had never found out that he was a shapeshifter, he decided to take revenge.
      He joined the party as his familiar bardic form, as planned, but he also appeared occasionally as Rowena, the travelling dwarven blacksmith.  Robin had been using Rowena to set up a crafting business for a long time, and so he had the skills for it.  Throughout the campaign, he offered the party a good business, crafting items for them regularly.  As it costs less to make items than the standard market price, it meant I could give them a discount and still make a massive profit for myself.  But getting 22,000 gold from the party wasn’t my revenge.  Oh no.
     I bought some robes and a wand and turned into Kuraileon.  I appeared before the party repeatedly at night and terrified them.  I particularly focused on Gotrek, the dwarf most responsible for Kuraileon’s death, and began to use illusions and shapeshifting to convince him that Kuraileon’s ghost was gathering an army of Gotrek’s enemies in the afterlife to wait for his death.  Ultimately, I had him framed for the attempted murder of Robin.  Good times.
     My favourite character therefore is the one that managed to get a semi-psychotic, possibly clan-murdering dwarf to approach the cleric in the party to find out how to apologise to vengeful ghosts.


  1. I maintain this was everyone else's fault and Gotrek was an innocent bystander whose brilliant plan was thwarted only by its own ingenuity and boldness.

  2. And at last the identity of Shardifier is revealed! I had wondered...