Friday, April 22, 2011

By somewhat popular recommendation...

Hello the Internet,

I apologise if this introduction is awkward.  Introductions always are.  Things will get better.

So another blog has been created, and another voice has been added to the hordes that echo through this series of tubes.  You, the innocent *cough* websurfer, deserve to know exactly why and for what purpose this wave has come into being.

In short, I made this because my friends told me to.  That's a pretty good reason for things, I feel.  As for the subject of my posts, I intend to talk mostly about video games, but I will be straying into webcomics, Dungeons and Dragons, superheroism, and maybe even a dabbling of politics.  This all started, and will start again, because of the 30 Days of Gaming Challenge.  You may have heard of it.  Basically, every day for a month, you respond to a question about your favorite games.  I did it elsewhere last month, and my friends quite enjoyed it.  Many of them recommended I do more things like it, and after some thought, I've decided that I will.  And here we are.  Isn't that nice?

Oh, and for future reference, here's the blog I used to reference exactly what challenge I was to do each day, in case there are different lists out there:

Anyway, so this does pose the practical issue now that my first 30 posts will, by necessity, be reposts.  I'll alter them slightly, and maybe flesh out some of the earlier ones, because they got longer over time.  But yeah, I've already written my first 30 posts.  Because I don't want to waste time, I'm just going to post them all up pretty quickly over the next day or two (or inevitably three) days, while I set this whole blog thing up.  All things going well, I will have a fairly well put together blog with a decent set of posts already done within a few days.  Cool.  Then I'll start on the actual stuff... you know, new things.  I've got a list on a scrap of paper here of things I could potentially write about.  There's a surprising amount.  I know that blogs can have a tendency to just be Let's Talk About What I Want To Talk About Today Because It's What I Want to Talk About or RANT AT THE INTERNET for short.  Hopefully I'll avoid being annoying, ranty, preachy, or otherwise less than a delight to read.

Here's to blogs!  And to video games!  And to geekery in all its beautiful forms!

Oh dear... now I have to find out how to actually post this...  Ctrl+C............

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