Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 9: Saddest Game Scene

I will try and minimize spoilers here, but they are sort of necessary here.

Again, the runner up was from Ocarina of Time, when you find out that Saria is the Forest Sage and therefore you will (after this quest) pretty much never see her again.

Taking the lead for saddest game scene is a moment in Kingdom Hearts II, where Goofy, the lovable, kind, protective, and surprisingly wise captain of King Mickey's guards dies protecting his king. Though the dialogue surrounding it is slightly cheesy (like most of the game), the pure moment of seeing Goofy, a character we've known all our lives before this game, on the ground with Donald and Sora grieving over him. Its a really tragic moment. They could have done more with it, but I suspect they didn't want to upset children playing the game too much.

Also, Mickey's line at the end of the scene, "They'll pay for this," is incredibly powerful. Suddenly Mickey Mouse, who admittedly has been running round with a sword the whole series, suddenly gains a new element to his personality: Rage. Its a little uncomfortable to see it in him, but it serves to point out just how hurt the characters are.

Donald says to his best and oldest friend's body, "I'm sorry about the ice cream." I think we can all agree that in this case, we're sorry about the ice cream too... :(

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