Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 14: Most Recent Gaming Wallpaper

I love the Starcraft series. While it hasn't won any of the categories so far, it's been in the top contenders for many of them. In terms of gameplay, originality, balance, and more, the original excelled. The thing I loved most about Starcraft though, because I was actually pretty terrible at the main game, was the modded maps you could play with online.

Players had used the impressive map editor software to create a host of maps. All sorts of games were then playable using Starcraft: Tug of War, the Normandy Landings (so hard!), X-Men, The Battle for Helm's Deep (my favourite), Chrono Trigger, tower defence games galore, and more. There were even the Open RPGs - maps where you could build things yourself with a group of players and therefore make up a story between a group of you. Difficult to get a good group for ti going, but its never the same twice. Starcraft the First was one of the most well rounded and fun to play games of my life.

And then they came out with a sequel... with better graphics (from 1996 to 2008 or so... that's a big jump in graphics). I could only sympathize with Ctrl+Alt+Del's reaction to it:

Starcraft 2 looked to be bigger, better, and with potential to have everything the old game had done well but with more and better of EVERYTHING.

But my laptop can't play it. So it remains a wallpaper. I haven't even seen it in action. :( It makes me sad...

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