Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 4: My Guilty Pleasure Game

Technically, this would be a tie between this and Pokemon Snap, but Pokemon Snap is a genuinely good game, so I feel less guilty about it.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Gameboy is, as you can guess, a video game of the card game of the video game of the TV series of the manga... or whatever came first. I love it though. Its a real challenge to create the perfect deck (and with only 150 pokemon, I'm pretty sure there is no perfect deck). The characters are mildly entertaining and the whole thing takes next-to-no brain power to operate. It works like a standard Pokemon game - there are a number of gyms you have to defeat before taking on the elite four and gaining the 4 legendary cards. Very simple, very difficult, especially because a significant part of each battle is luck of the draw.

I can and do play this for hours because it takes so little effort to play yet still somehow remains a challenge. Good times.

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