Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 19: Picture of a Game Setting You Wish You Lived In

I know how to do screenshots now! (EDIT: And just figured out how to change the size of the pictures on my blog!)

So yeah, no brainer here. This is a picture from one of my completed games of Civilization 2. Why do I want to live here? Let me number the ways:

1) There is no war, and never will be, because I conquered everyone else.
2) A spaceship has just landed a colony of people on Alpha Centauri, because I did both victory conditions
3) There is no pollution or global warming because of my excellent environmental program. Everything is run on hydroelectric power.
4) There is no discontent in my cities because everyone loves me and the things I give them.
5) The cure for cancer has been discovered.
6) Most of the military has been disbanded because this is a world where they are genuinely no longer required, allowing money to be spent elsewhere.
7) Transportation links between all cities is done quickly and efficiently by train, and there are a number of airports.
8) All of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World are still standing in my cities, including the Great Library of Alexandria.
9) Women's Suffrage was granted in about 16-1700 AD.
10) Oh, and I'm the lord and master of the known world with a decked out throne room and a palace and I OWN THE WORLD WHICH I BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP!

I could go on, but this seems sufficient. Keep your beauitful scenery in later games with better graphics. I know there are nice places to live here, because I built them, and my people love me for it. The Hanging Gardens, for instance.

Incidentally, this particular game was played as King Howard Williams of the Welsh :P

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