Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 6: Most Annoying Character

In Civilization II, you take a civilization from its founding moment to its ultimate glory in 6000 years of turn-based struggles. It's an incredible game, and some of the sequels (Civ 4 in particular) are equally fantastic. I will always love the simplicity of Civ 2 though.

One of its best features, and something which sadly was not continued in the later games was the High Council, a group of advisors who would, throughout the ages, tell you how you were doing in particular areas such as Military and Science, and generally demand that you put more effort into THEIR field rather than the others. This was a brilliant addition, and they had some great lines. Youtube the High Council for some fun times.  In fact, here's a link:

Unfortunately, there was an Entertainment/Luxury Advisor, who came in the form of Elvis. Funny in and of itself, after 6000 years you really don't want to hear from him ever again. He's corny and annoying, and brings the entire tone of the council down. The Foreign Advisor takes the form of a Russian spy, which is cool. Elvis, I'm sorry to say, is not cool. I ususally didn't ask him for advice.

Close Second: Sonic the Hedgehog from most of the recent games, just because he's exponentially more difficult to control.

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