Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 26: Best Voice Acting

This was a really tricky one. I had to think for quite a while about this, and run through a lot of games. Dragon Age was an obvious choice, but while it was good overall, it lacked something. Banjo Kazooie was considered just for fun, but no, that wouldn't do. Starcraft was perhaps the biggest contender here, or Warcraft 2, for both sense of humour and excellent cinematic moments. However, once I considered what this day's challenge is ACTUALLY looking for, it was a much easier decision. Best Voice Acting is about the delivery of the lines, not the lines themselves. Starcraft and Dragon Age both have excellent dialogue, but they fall short on the delivery, at least in comparison to today's winner, which I'm sorry to say, is once again Kingdom Hearts, specifically KH 2. I was trying to keep things fairly balanced and not have games which I keep coming back to, but the more I go through this 30 day challenge, the more I realize which games were truly great and deserve more than one day's praise.

Kingdom Hearts 2, by nature of being a Disney game, and possibly a little because its a sequel, doesn't have the snappiest or wittiest dialogue of any game. Ok, its mostly because its Disney, and because half of what is said is centred around varying metaphors for hearts and lights. But its delivered well. The voice acting is superb on all fronts, from the human to the cartoon characters. With the voices of Haley Joel Osmond, Hayden Panettiere, and David Gallagher representing the main protagonists, there was definitely some respectable talent in the cast.

There are some truly poignant moments in KH2, as evidenced by it winning Best Cinematic a while back for me. Bad voice actors though, as you get in far too many games, could have ruined those moments. But the actors in KH2 don't just play the dialogue well, they take decent dialogue and make it shine, something that few other games manage, and that's why KH2 wins today.

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