Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 13: Game I've Played More Than 5 Times

This was probably the easiest day so far. Civilization 2. It's come up several times before, and with good reason. I've played this game through so many times I can't begin to imagine the number (30? 40?)

Starting with a single Settler, you take a civilization from its birth in 4000BC through all of history to 2050 AD, or somewhere thereabouts. City management is key, along with expansion, exploration, research, development, irrigation, roads, railroads, constructing Libraries, Colosseums, Cathedrals, Great Wonders of the World like the Pyramids and Adam Smith's Trading Company, dealing with other civilizations either through diplomacy, bribery, espionage, or force...

It is an incredible game. Yes, they have made sequels, and yes, its possible Civ 4 is better. I didn't much enjoy Civ 3 and I have yet to try Civ 5. However my laptop can't play Civ 4, and so I've been relegated back to the game of my childhood, the second game, which in my opinion is perhaps the most streamlined. Diplomacy is a little too difficult to do successfully (everyone ALWAYS hates me when I do nothing wrong...) but aside from that it's fantastic. The music is simple, but aesthetic. The gameplay is smooth. The storyline... well, it's whatever you make of it. There's no plot. Just you trying to compete and survive in a world of other powers. I've played through this over and over again since I started playing when I was... I dunno, 8? Maybe 9? My parents enjoyed this one too, and they'd spend hours on it, and still do, although I think they play Civ 4.... grrrr...

But yes, by far the most played game in my history has let me construct countless empires stretching across all the known world. I've conquered scores of nations, from the small and weak to the truly mighty. I've built the Great Library of Alexandria so many times I don't understand how its not still here with us today. In short, I have brought civilization in many forms to the height of greatness, and loved it every time.

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