Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 3: Most Underrated Game

I knew almost immediately which game I wanted to put forward for this category, however I then made the mistake of looking up reviews for it. Apparently, I was even more right than I knew. Quest 64 got appalling ratings across the board for having an overly unelaborate storyline, grating sound effects, and a simplicity which made the game closer to a tunnel with monsters than an RPG.

I loved it to bits though. Yes it was simple, but that kept you focused on the spells you could cast and the magical battles you encountered. The story was basic, but that made sure by the end you knew what was going on. Brian was a short kid with a little magical power going in search of his father, and on the way encountering monsters, recovering mystical stones, and gaining power before ultimately defeating the BBEG before he escaped his cage. Basic as pie.  Pre-made pie.

But the spells... my word they were fun. Rock and Water spells were by far the best. Between them you could heal yourself, freeze enemies, put an impenetrable force field around yourself, and bring down an avalanche all around you. Epic.

It was simple, but it wasn't easy. The music wasn't great, but it was pleasant. It had a great combat system which may have been repetitive, but I present you with the Pokemon series and rest my case. Repetitive can be fine. The story was basic, but relatively compelling.

The review I watched on Youtube claimed that Quest 64 had no replay value whatsoever. My 5-6 playthroughs of the game beg to differ.  I still play it today once in a while.

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